Anyone know who this little girl is? Her singing in this well is awesome!

When you’re a singer, you know that acoustics can make a great difference. There are places that can naturally provide this great effect. The other day I saw a video of some people inside a swimming pool. It was an indoor pool like the ones at hotels. Have you noticed that those places have great acoustics? A group of people did and would give the others a great surprise.

It was a quiet day at that tourist sight. I wasn’t like it was crowded or anything. The people had just started to arrive, and the temperature was just right. One of the people attending was a man that was visiting from Europe. He was a businessman that would look for a place to relax before he went to an important meeting. Meetings were a routinely orchestrated even in his life.

His name was John and he was a company Vice-President. He’s been working at this Silicon Valley company for over 8 years. He used to be an athlete back when he was a college guy. He had gone to some swimming competitions back then but had decided to focus more on his schoolwork. It paid off because he was invited to take part at an internship for the company he works for now.

He did a great job as an intern and was soon offered a permanent position in the company. He had always taken the chance to hit the pool every now and then, but as soon as he started climbing the corporate ladder, he found himself with less time for his hobbies, one of them being swimming. As soon as he became Vice President, he received additional benefits that included his membership at a sports club.

He met a lot of interesting people there and started taking part in competitions with good results. One of his talents that he stopped polishing was his singing. He felt that he would need an additional 6 hours a day to pursue it in a reasonable way. He didn’t have the time and thought he was too old for anything music-related.

But today would be the day that his passion for singing would be rekindled. He was taking in the sights and had gone with his son when he saw something that caught his eye. It was an old well which was obviously closed but you could still see the bottom. Then, he sees a very young girl and her friends get to the edge and this girl starts singing in the most beautiful voice you could ever imagined!