After Being Apart For Too Long, Chico The Dog Reunites With His Beloved Human Mother!

If you need any proof that dogs are the best contender for the title of Human’s Best Friend, you should look no further than the reactions these adorable pups have when they see their parent after a long time away. In the video below, we see Chico reuniting with his mom, an older lady who is just as excited to meet him again, even if she doesn’t react quite the same way as Chico! The best part is how they set up the surprise meeting for him, it’s really a beautiful sight.

While he was playing in an open yard with other dogs, the woman goes to him and surprises him out of nowhere. He seems startled at first, as if he couldn’t believe what he is seeing, and then he does a reaction that cannot be described with words. And after being picked up by her, he cannot stop giving her lovely doggy kisses with his tongue. The whole family gathered for this magical moment, and Chico can barely stay still from the excitement. He’s definitely one of the most adorable pups I’ve ever seen! I want mine to receive me just like that!

Watch this incredible reunion video right below. Who wouldn’t want a friend like Chico?

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