Apple Reminds Us How Far Creativity & Love Can Go In Moving Xmas Ad

This extended version of Apple’s Christmas commercial entitled “Make Someone’s Holiday,” may just have you crying. Now that’s how you reach out and share a message that matters while marketing your product perfectly.

Apple shows us just how much of a difference a little technology and a lot of love can make. There’s no better way to advertise the multilateral benefits and uses of an iPad than this heartwarming Christmas commercial called “Make Someone’s Holiday.”

It’s there to watch movies, keep the kids occupied, plan the day, leave a to-do’s, and stay in touch, but Apple’s ad reminds us that it’s the way that we use technology that matters.

The perfect example of emotional marketing could perhaps be this heartwarming ad from Apple, but the sales aspect doesn’t detract from the deep meaning. Caring goes a long way when you’re inspired to use what you know to make a difference.