While Approaching Dying Woman’s Side, This Hospice Worker Was Caught Giving Unexpected Surprise…

We’ve all heard nasty horror stories about mistreatment and lack of care that has gone on in nursing homes and hospice care facilities.

It can be scary and frightening when someone we know, or someone in our families requires additional assistance for daily life. We don’t know if we are equipped to help them, but we fear that the stories we’ve heard are far more common than they let on.

Well this video is a bright spot that shows us the nurturing and caring environment that these facilities truly strive to be. In this video, a hospice worker recognizes one of his patients as the woman who taught him music so many years ago. He wants to express his appreciation and gratitude for her, and he finds the perfect way to do it.

Watch this beautiful video where an elderly music teacher listens to a former student singing the old gospel hymn: “How Great Thou Art.” It is such an incredible and wonderful way not only of saying thank you, but also showing her the impact on those around her and meaning that her life has had. Be sure to let us know what you think, and if you enjoyed this as much as we did, please share this moment with family and friends.

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