Archie Bunker forgets his actual age but argues his case

Archie Bunker is one of a kind. When you throw in his wife Edith, you can understand why “All in the Family” is such a popular sitcom from back in the 1970s. Forgetting your age may seem like a funny thing to do, especially when Archie does.

That is what a comedy TV show is all about. They take something as simple as a birthday and turn it into a massive ordeal because Archie has forgotten how old he really is. Many of us can relate to this somehow, even if we purposely forget our age.

Reaching 50 years old is not something that we want to do, and it is definitely not something that we want to brag about. A birthday is just another day as we get older, and another year has gone by. Cynics would say that your birthday is one step closer to the grave, and 50 is the top of the hill, and every year after that is downhill from there.

When you think about it, you can see that age affects memory. By the time you reach 50, you may not actually know how old you are. When someone steps up and tells you that you have reached the peak of your years, it is a natural instinct to argue back, especially if you have genuinely forgotten.

It is funny that other families, even ones based on a script, work the same as ours. As amusing as it is on TV, it can be an embarrassing moment in real-life situations. It can also become a heated debate that ends in a family fight, which is not something that any of us want.

The bottom line is this; Archie shows that age can affect your memory because he has forgotten how old he is. If this were you in this situation, it would be easy to look at a driver’s license or birth certificate, but you are right when you think you are right. Nothing will change that fact for you, and nobody will be able to change your mind.

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