Arizona Woman Finds Pit Bull Near Death. I Was So Moved By What Happens Next.

I can never understand why people are so cruel to pit bulls. Maybe it’s because they believe all the propaganda the news perpetuates about them being killers. They think it’s OK to do horrible things to them. People who do these horrible things are hiding their own soul’s darkness. But then there are some stories about people who can bring light to these poor mistreated dogs. Like what we see in this video.

The story starts off rough with Andi Davis finding a pit bull with broken legs on a hiking path in Arizona. We don’t see the dog in that condition. She tells about carrying him back down and taking him to an emergency vet. When they did X-Rays on him, they were shocked to find out that he had been shot. The shrapnel was too close to veins and arteries to be removed, so they left them in there. He began to recover.

Once the dog was given a clean bill of health, plus a sterling behavior rating, the Davis family brought him to their home and named him Elijah. They initially agonized over the decision, since their German Shepherd had been attacked by two pit bulls. Elijah won them over with his sunny demeanor, and he’s dog No. 4 for them now. It seems like he was destined to join them from the first minute Andi laid eyes on him.

That’s not to say that this family liked pit bulls – those attacks on their German Shepherd had made them view them as being vicious attack dogs. Andi’s daughter did point out that these dogs weren’t born mean. They were trained to have that kind of personality. The Davis family treats Elijah with love and he responds in kind to them. That’s how it all should be, right? Nothing like a happy ending…

Elijah was amazing, wasn’t he? Be sure to leave your own thoughts about what happened here in the comments below.

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