“Armored” Dance Team Takes Floor, Wins 1st Place With Extraordinary Moves

Dance TeamThis competitive all-girl drill team line up to perform their stylised military routine at Copper Hills High School in Utah. The Azurettes open their dance with a salute before launching into a superb, high energy performance.

Their impressive routine is performed to some heavy techno music that opens with a dramatic call to arms, “Prepare for battle”, and intersperses simulated gunfire and laser fire sound effects throughout the stirring soundtrack.

Dance TeamThe flawless synchronization of every team member must have required endless drilling and practice. The demanding dance routine requires tight formation and split-second timing and it is incredible how so many dancers keep their strict formation with such impeccable coordination.

The girls deliver a breath-taking performance, complete with intricate techniques and some skillful acrobatic tricks, all executed with military precision. They are certainly a crowd-pleaser, with the entire auditorium clapping and cheering loudly throughout the routine.

It is clear that these talented girls have been working together for some time. Whereas they do provide half-time performances at sporting events, as a drill team they are not a cheerleading group. They don’t do stunts and chant slogans. They in fact participate in a competitive sport, where there are high stakes on offer.

The spectacular show must have impressed the judges, too, for the Azurettes took out first prize in the competition.

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“Armored” Dance Team Takes Floor, Wins 1st Place With Extraordinary Moves