Army Of Bikers Park Themselves Outside A Girl’s House. Their Reason Is Incredibly Brave.

This is something that I can’t fathom as a parent. Knowing that my child had been abused by someone that I had brought into our house. My pain though, would pale in comparison to what my child felt. They would feel fear, shame, humiliation, and anger… sometimes separately and sometimes all at once. I wouldn’t know how to protect them. I wouldn’t know how to help them feel better. That’s why I was so moved by this video about a biker club that protects children like this.

The video centers around a girl who, to protect her identity, goes by the name of “FA.” She was abused by her step-father and ultimately managed to get charges pressed against him. The wheels of justice grind slowly, though, and it took three years for the case to go to trial. She worried about her safety and she had trouble sleeping. This formerly vivacious girl was reduced to showering with clothes on and having to worry about locked doors. What could change this? Enter B.A.C.A.

What is B.A.C.A.? Bikers Against Child Abuse. A group of bikers (men and women) banded together and decided to protect this girl and her mother. Up to 50 bikers stood sentry in front of her house, 24/7. If you were to try to harass someone, seeing this phalanx of bikers would make you change your mind. They drove her to school and even attended the step-father’s trial to give her emotional support as she testified. The step-father was convicted.

Now this teen girl has grown older and she’s happier, thanks to B.A.C.A. She graduated high school and is now in college. Life is so much different now that she doesn’t have to look over her shoulder. I don’t know how B.A.C.A. initially got involved, but they adopted her into their family and one of the leaders is basically a father figure for her. A good father figure, this time. This is another time a stereotype gets shattered.

You do NOT want to mess with these bikers, for sure. Do you approve of their tactics or do you think they cross the line into intimidation, especially if the accused might be innocent? Feel free to weigh in below!

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