Mother Blindfolded at Phoenix Game And Doesn’t Know Whose Coming

This selection of heartwarming military homecoming surprises gives the perfect way to brighten the day, turning any disdain or worry into anticipation for blessings that could be waiting just around the corner. Sneaky has never been so much fun. Just watch the way that these family members surprise their loved ones.

You’ll be smiling from the very first reunion. Vanessa gets a slam dunk surprise from her son returning from South Korea. Private First Class Brandon Covey, a serving black hawk helicopter crew chief, returns from a tour in South Korea in a homecoming that comes as an even bigger treat than participating in the on-court antics. This footage sets the stage for togetherness that you can’t help but fall in love with, reminding one of just how much your loved ones mean.

Every last family member to return from service is a living hero — heroism, which is honored by the whole community in almost every reunion captured here. Military homecoming surprises inspire emotion like few other memories can, with family and friends of all ages being unable to contain their joy upon seeing the face of the one that they love once again.