Artist Buys Old New Orleans Gas Station. I Couldn’t Believe What He Did With It.

Most of us like to live in regular places. Houses, apartments, mansions. Ok, Semi-regular places. But there are some who like to stretch their boundaries and live in places like warehouses, lofts, or even abandoned places like churches. Like this guy, Robert Guthrie, who bought an old gas station and made it his home. Yes, a gas station, where people used to fill up their cars with gasoline. No, there’s no gasoline left in this place.

Everything about the place is a reminder of the former gas station. He made the kitchen drawer handles medallions from cars. His toilet paper rack is a gas can rack. There’s car artwork all over the place. There’s an upstairs and downstairs. The bathroom has subway tiles to remind of a gas station. I hope he doesn’t need to get a key every time he needs to use the bathroom. That would be going too far.

The upstairs part is a little threadbare. Just a loft with a bed. Then again, this guy doesn’t seem like he needs a lot to keep himself happy. I mean, this is someone who lives in a gas station… unironically. His son doesn’t seem to mind living there either. I’m sure it’s a great conversation starter. “So… where do you live?” “A gas station.” “Really? Wow.” The only cooler thing would be living in an abandoned fire station. “Whee! I get to slide down this pole to go to breakfast every day!”

I’d be worried about sleeping at night and getting a knock on the door. “No. We don’t sell gas. This is just an old gas station. Stop looking around. There are no pumps here!” Then again, I’m not an artist like this guy is and I wouldn’t even think about living in a gas station. Now if I found an abandoned Major League Baseball stadium, I might consider trying to make that my home… I’d probably live in the home clubhouse.

What do you think about this transformation? Cool or insane? Maybe a little of both? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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