An Artist Starts To Draw His Model. The Result Is Nothing Short Of STUNNING.

There are some artists out there that do amazingly hyper-realistic drawings. At first glance you might think you were looking at a drawing. Many of them use pencils, but I saw one guy who did it using ballpoint pens. Now that was sick. There’s like no margin for error with pens. Then there’s Emanuele Dasciano, an Italian artist. To say his work is amazing is to be running out of superlatives. If you like drawing, you need to see this video.

Dasciano is incredible. Some of his drawings look like photographs. I was stunned at the level of detail he did for an older man with a beard. The work he did on the hair of that beard was exquisite. I found myself looking at the hair, trying to figure out how I could replicate that I a drawing. He uses graphite and charcoal… that’s it. It’s a short video though, under four minutes. Obviously, we don’t see all of his work while drawing the model… which is a shame, since I would be enthralled with watching him draw for several hours.

I fancy myself an artist – I do have some talent, but I do not have the patience to do what this man does. There’s a point that I reach in my work where I just say, “Enough! This is good enough!” I couldn’t spend hour after hour obsessing over a certain skin tone. I start getting antsy around four hours. Good for him to have that kind of focus and concentration. The end result of this drawing of a model named Rosa Rutila is just breathtaking.

Take a closer look at the parts of the drawing that you do get to see – the texture of her lips, for instance. It makes you almost want to kiss them. Don’t do it, you’ll wind up with charcoal and graphite on your mouth and you’ll also have an angry artist who might want to hit you for ruining his drawing. There are some who say people are born artists. There is a modicum of talent, the rest is a result of hard work and studying.

Weren’t you mesmerized by how good Dasciano is? I couldn’t get enough of this. It made me want to go draw more myself. Do you draw? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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