These Artists Have Put A Strange Twist To Imagine By John Lennon, And It Is Sending Me Chills…

There are certain songs that have worked their way into the culture of AMerica. These songs have become icons and symbols for many who hear them. They symbolize and represent far more than just a song. They represent hopes and dreams for everyone who hears them.

“Imagine” by John Lennon is one of those songs that has worked its way deeply into every one of our hearts. It has been performed and recorded by many incredible artists. It has grown and eveolved, taking on a life of its own, but this group has taken it one step forward and put a twist on this song that nobody has ever heard before.

Pentatonix is a five person a-cappella singing group. All of their songs are done entirely with voices where usually one or two people sing the lyrics and the rest of the group harmonizes, often mimicking the instruments from the original song.

In this breathtaking video, the five singers of Pentatonix performs “imagine” in their a-cappella style. In addition to the unique style, they also provide an additional visual element that beautifully represents the message of the song. Enjoy this wonderful take on a classic cultural icon, and if you know anyone who loves John Lennon or just enjoys hearing amazing songs, be sure to share this with them.

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