Arty is The Most Unorthodox Lab! His Amazing Discovery Changed His Life! Priceless!

We all have strange fears and tics that seem perfectly valid to us, but other people would raise their eyebrows. For example, for the longest time, I did not like seeing that I was 13 minutes into a cardio workout. Yes, I’m a bit superstitious. But I’d find a way around it. What I’d do was cover the display with either my phone or a towel and count of 70. By then, the minute would have elapsed and I’d be on 14 minutes. Now I just don’t use the cardio machines. This dog in the video shows similarly smart (or weird) thinking.

This dog, Arty the Lab, is afraid to walk on carpet. Who knows why? Maybe he had a dream that the carpet would turn to lava once he stepped on it. He wants to go to the sliding glass door that leads outside, but he has to cross the carpet. Oh no. What to do? Arty sits down and contemplates the situation. Then he comes across a solution… he turns around and walks backward through the carpeted room. What? It’s no sillier than my cardio solution. It works for him and he gets to the door.

I think it actually shows some creativity on Arty’s part. He’s presented with a problem – well, a problem to his doggie mind, we’d all be walking on the carpet by now – and he figures out something that gets him from point A to point B. Sure, it’s not like he suddenly assembled a complex system of ropes and pulleys to enable him to swing from one room to the next, but it’s still pretty cool. If my cat had that problem, he’d practically climb my leg to make me carry him to the door.

Let’s not make fun of Arty, though. To him, it’s a very real problem. It’s a fairly inconsequential thing to let him do his walk-backward act, and the people in the room don’t seem terribly fazed. We all have our issues that other people might roll their eyes at. That helps no one. Actually, Arty’s solution seems like a perfect addition to Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks. Has anyone contacted John Cleese? I’m sure that he’d love to see it.

Arty is awesome. Don’t you agree? However you feel, please leave a comment below!

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