As Soon As He Got Out Of Jail He Went And Rescued A Dog. Why? This Had Me Amazed!

Everybody can make a mistake. No one is exempt from this fact. Was sometimes mistaken be so big that they can change your entire life. The two men featured in this video have suffered that fate, by making some terrible with decisions that have led to them being incarcerated.

After the release something finally went their way. Of the two men they both come from different places and have different experiences, but they have one thing in common. They both needed a friend, someone who they could rely on, but when you leave prison that’s unlikely.

It’s been proven in study after study, that rebuilding a prisoner’s social group is the biggest factor in reducing recidivism. But it’s unlikely that people will want to associate with people that have been in jail. Pedigree, the sponsor of this video, came up with a great idea to help these men out and solve this problem. Watch the video and see what they did.

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