He Was Asked To Choose A Gift For Either Himself Or His Family. What This Boy Did? Heartbreaking!

On the occasion of Christmas, UP TV set up a social experiment to see if little children would rather receive a Christmas gift for themselves, or give one to their families. The responses they got shocked everyone.

This experiment was carried out at a Boys and Girls Club located in metro Atlanta. Eighty-three percent of the children there come from low-income households. One by one they brought in the little kids and asked what they wanted for Christmas. They then asked them what they thought their families would want for Christmas. They gave them both the gifts, but asked them to choose only one. Wait till you see what these incredible little kids did next! Their heartfelt decision will probably bring a tear to your eye!

The results of this experiment were truly surprising because of the number of children who chose the gift for their family rather than for themselves. These children embody the true spirit of Christmas and generosity. I am actually not that surprised by the results. Children who come from low income homes often want more for their families than they do for themselves.

The kindness and caring of these children is inspiring. Hopefully many people will watch this clip and realize that giving is better and more rewarding than receiving. Wouldn’t the holiday season be that much greater if those who have gave to those who do not?

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