When He Asked His Daughter If She Needed Any Help, Poor Dad Was NOT Expecting THIS Reaction!

It won’t be long before your little kid turns into an adult and becomes independent. Soon enough, they won’t need your assistance at all. But the poor dad in this video had no idea his tiny baby would be this independent at such a young age! Not only that, she even has some valuable advice for her dad as well! They grow up fast, don’t they?

It is natural for little kids to try to figure things out on their own. It is a learning process. But I have never seen anyone so determined as the little girl in the video below! She is named August Rose and in this video she is trying her best to buckle her car seat herself. She is not very interested in getting help from her dad. You are going to crack up when you hear her response to her dad when he asks if she needs some help!

We see this cute little girl in her winter coat trying to buckle her car seat, but the coat makes it even more difficult. She is telling dad, “Worry about yourself,” very clearly and it is hilarious. She’s obviously heard this many times before and definitely understands what it means. He asks her again if he can help and she clearly says no, and then changes her answer to, “No, thank you.” Her parents must be teaching manners.

But when dad asks again what he can do to help, this little girl’s answer becomes more adamant and even funnier. Watch it for yourself if you need a good laugh today.

Watch August in the video below! Have you been through situations like this before? Share with us in the comments!

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