She Asked Her Dog Where His Girlfriend Was. How The Pooch Replied? You Won’t Stop Laughing!

Sometimes dogs tend to act very much like their human buddies. Wait till you see Mulder! You will know exactly what I am talking about. This hilarious dog just got a new girlfriend and he is really proud of her. How he shows her off to his parents is adorable to say the least! Whenever dad or mom ask him anything regarding his girlfriend, he does something REALLY cute!

His parents taught him to execute this trick for sure, but it is still just as hilarious! When mom or dad asks him “Mulder, where is your girlfriend?” he leaves them in total hysterics, and me as well! Mulder is an adorable black Labrador retriever who looks like he might be starting to get a few years on him. But that doesn’t stop him from performing for a treat every time his parents ask him a question.

After I saw this clip, I couldn’t help but hope that Mulder’s girlfriend also gets a treat after Mulder performs. After all, she’s the main character! Without her, he couldn’t perform his trick! When Mulder’s owners ask him, “Mulder, where’s your girlfriend?” he does the same thing every time.

What do you think he does? He puts his paw on the cute, white Lab sitting next to him! She’s the girlfriend. They are a cute duo, don’t you think? She looks less than enthused about having Mulder’s arm around him, but I guess if she gets a treat too, it must be worth it.

Watch this adorable dog and his antics in the following video! Have you even seen a dog do things like this before? Let us know in the comments!