She asked her dog if he is a good boy. How he responds? This will make your day!

When this beautiful American Pit Bull Terrier wandered in front of his owner, I couldn’t help but smile. Then she began asking him a series of questions, and his reaction is so precious! This pit bull’s interaction with his human is quite impressive and the way he can respond to a question is even more remarkable!

Pit bulls are very strong dogs, and they are often taken advantage of in a very wrong way because of this. They are used for dog fights and bait dogs, and though many of us mistake them for being fierce and aggressive, it is the upbringing that really determines its behavior.

They are known to follow an utmost amount of obedience as well, as you can see with Czr in this video. Czr is a beautiful pit bull who can answer yes and no to his owner’s questions. When she asks if he’s hungry, if he wants to go outside, or if he wants a cookie, he can answer yes or no with a shake of his  head every time.

Czr can also high-five and even tells his owner when he has itchy feet and needs his lotion. But there is one thing he does not do inside. I was amazed when the owner’s friend tried to make Czr “speak” in the living room and he wouldn’t. The owner explained that he is not allowed to bark inside. Wow! She certainly has him well- trained.

Watch this hilarious compilation in the video below! What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments!