When She Asked This Dog to Do a Trick, She Shocked Everyone!

Meet Misa Minnie, the adorable little pooch starring in the video we brought today. This tiny bunch of fur is a Yorkshire Terrier, and she has become very famous on the internet after she appeared in an internet viral video. Her adorableness captivated the world ever since. She was only seven months when this video was recorded, and yet she was capable of doing amazing things.

It’s obvious that Misa has been trained and educated in the most refined and humanly way, with lots of treats and kindness since she has so many talents and quirks. Yorkies are known for being very energetic and charismatic, and they try to stick to their parents’ side whenever they possibly can.

This video showcases the training program that Misa currently undergoes. It will probably shock you as much as it shocked me, but she is actually trained at home by her parents rather than by a professional trainer. She can be seen doing one trick after the other, and it’s quite frankly amazing.

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When She Asked This Dog to Do a Trick, She Shocked Everyone!