She Asked Her Dogs Who Pooped Inside, But Their Reaction Is The BEST!

As any pet parent can tell you, relationships between animal siblings can be hard to deal with. I mean, sure, everyone always gets along in the end, but getting there is the hard part. If you grew up with brothers or sisters, you know that siblings can fight for the dumbest of reasons. But this isn’t something exclusive to humans, and as the video below demonstrates, pets can make it ten times funnier!

This following video shows us a perfect example of siblings getting along perfectly. Dogs are some of the friendliest creatures that have ever lived, and they always make sure to show it. They might have trouble for a few minutes after meeting a new friend, but after that, it’s all just fun and games!

The clip shows a woman as she investigates her home, after finding a big mess in the kitchen. She wants to find out who the culprit was, and given there’s only a couple of doggy suspects near the scene, she gives it a straightforward approach. She asks the dogs directly, and when you see how they reacted, you’ll be in stitches!

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