He Asked His Dogs To Roll Over And When I Saw What The Cat Did, I Was In Stitches

Cats and dogs typically have very different personalities. Dogs are pack animals. They hunt together as a group and don’t mind following the leader. If a human is a leader, that’s okay, too. Cats, however, are notorious loners. They hunt in “stalk and ambush” fashion, silently sneaking up on their prey and then pouncing. Cats have zero interest in having a leader. Sure, they love their humans and can be very affectionate, but it’s always on the cat’s own terms. Even the most domestic of cats still has some wild animal in it and cat owners find this utterly charming.

All that said, it sometimes is possible to teach cats to do tricks. Not easy, mind you, but possible. In Moscow, there’s a cat circus where a whole bunch of felines performs entertaining tricks and they’ve wowed audiences around the world. Training a circus cat is a full-time job and who has the time for that? But now and then a cat is naturally inclined to do tricks. And so, it’s time to meet Didga. She’s a beautiful tabby with a white belly and paws. This lovable cat is obviously very smart. She’s learned to ride skateboards, use a Fidget Spinner, and even lounge on an inflatable pool float without popping it.

Didga also gets along with dogs. In the video we’ve posted for you, this amazing cat does a trick with her friends the Rottweilers, Lucy and Phoenix. Rolling over on command may not be as impressive as skateboarding, but for a cat, it’s not something you see all the time. That she’s doing this with a couple of big dogs just makes it downright cute.

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