This Pooch’s Best Friend Isn’t About to Take the Blame for THIS Mess

Everyone knows that relationships between siblings can be kind of tricky. Sure, everyone gets along in the end, but getting to that point can be a very difficult job. This doesn’t apply just to humans, but in animals and pets especially, as well.

Dogs can be very territorial and proud, and when it comes to getting love from their precious human, nothing can stand between them and the pups, not even their siblings. The following clip shows a cute example of the special moments that sibling puppies can have. You’ll be convinced to get more than one dog after you watch it.

In the video, a woman is seen investigating in her home after finding that someone had made a terrible mess in the kitchen. She’s determined to find out who was the culprit, and there are only two possible suspects.

Judy and Sunny are the two dogs who are on the crime scene, but only one made the mess. When mom asks who pooped in the kitchen? Well, I am not going to spoil the ending; though, I will say, one of these is not taking the fall for it.

This Pooch\'s Best Friend Isn\'t About to Take the Blame for THIS Mess