He Asks His Dogs to Roll Over. Then the Cat Joined in On the Training

Dogs are incredibly intelligent animals; our long shared history with canines has enabled them to understand and obey extremely complicated commands. However, can you say the same of cats? Well, the feline in this video has a thing or two to show us! Cats are stereotypically thought of as selfish and unruly, maybe this is true, but this guy sure has some contrasting points.

Not many of us take cats as disciplined and ‘ready to do anything for the treat’ kind of pets. However, this cat in the video proves everyone wrong. According to this video, every cat can perform tricks IF they are trained properly.


Still, it is possible to teach cats to do tricks. It isn’t easy, mind you, but it can be done. In fact, there’s a cat circus in Moscow where dozens of felines perform amusing tricks; this unusual circus has gone on tour and wowed audiences all over the world. Training a circus cat, as you might expect, is a full-time job, and who has the time for that? However, there are cats that are naturally inclined to do tricks, making that job a whole lot easier.

One such cat is Didga, a beautiful tabby with a white belly and white paws. She’s incredibly smart, as proven by her ability to learn how to ride a skateboard, use a Fidget Spinner, and lounge on an inflatable pool float (without popping it).

Another unusual thing about Didga is that she gets along well with dogs. In the video posted below, you’ll see this wonder-cat perform a trick alongside Lucy and Phoenix, a pair of Rottweilers she’s pals with. Rolling on command isn’t Didga’s most impressive trick, but when she does it with her friends the Rotties, it’s very, very cute.

He Asks His Dogs to Roll Over. Then the Cat Joined in On the Training