He Asks His Dogs To Roll Over, But What This Cat Did Instead Will Make You Laugh

Dogs are incredibly intelligent animals, our long shared history with canines has enabled them to understand and obey extremely complicated commands. However, can you say the same of cats? Well, the feline in this video has a thing or two to show us! Cats are stereotypically thought of as selfish and aloof, disinterested in pleasing their owners, and maybe this is true, but this guy sure does seem to prove all of those stereotypes wrong.

Not many of us take cats as the disciplined and ‘ready to do anything for the treat’ kind of pets. However, this cat in the video proves everyone wrong. According to this video, every cat can perform tricks if they are trained properly. I must be doing something wrong because I can’t get my cat to do anything like this. If I say, “Sleep!” she wakes up!

In the video, we see two dogs and a cat. This cat is called Didga and has recently taken the internet by storm with her viral videos. This clip is one of the videos where Didga shows her awesomeness to the world. The owner teaches some of the simple tricks to his two dogs and Didga. He says ‘roll over’ and two dogs follow his order one by one. But when it is Didga’s turn, you won’t believe what she does!

I love seeing videos of cats contesting their bad reputation. If you enjoy this video of this amazing performing cat, please watch and share this amazing clip with all your friends!

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