He Asks His Girlfriend For A Kiss. When She Doesn’t Respond? This Parrot Had Me In Stitches!

One of the most famous types of parrots is the green parrots. They could either be a parakeet, or a Senegal, or an amazon, or even a Sun Conure. They are called this because of the bright green color of their feathers. They are an awesome breed of birds. No wonder they are kept as pets by many people. They are intelligent, amusing, and affectionate. It is always a pleasure to look at them!

Green parrots can be trained to talk and perform tricks as well. Since they can often be moody, the owners need to be patient and persistent. But sometimes, they can learn to speak or imitate by themselves. Like the adorable birdie in this video seems to have done. The beautiful parrot in the video adores his friend. He can be seen asking her for a kiss over a hundred times and then leaning in for a kiss as well!

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