She asks for puppet to audition. What she does with it on talent show leaves judges in awe

Talent shows are one of the newest forms of entertainment. What makes them so appealing is the possibility of relating with the participants, after all, they are people like you and me, but with a special talent and no other forum really to make themselves known and get a chance of possibly realizing a dream or even making it big.

Usually it’s either singers or dancers who are performing on the big stage, and sometimes some other acts that either take some sort of athletic ability or something that is not very known. Now, when a ventriloquist enters the stage, it is usually an older gentleman or lady trying to revive its “eras of glory”, you don’t really think a young teen might be interested in that artform, especially in this technology-drive age in time.

Well, that is exactly the case with 12-year-old Darci Lynne Farmer, who appears very nervous, probably overwhelmed by the large turnout at the auditorium where the auditions are being held. It is always very heart-warming to see a young boy or girl audition, but seeing little Darci made the judges think for a moment that they might be just experiencing “another” ventriloquist act. Now, the obvious question was: “Why the puppet?” To everyone’s surprise, Darci mentions that besides the fact she was there was in itself already one of her dreams, she wants to keep ventriloquism ‘alive’, because in this day in age it is not very common.

So, after being wished good luck by the judges, she starts off. Even before her act actually begins, she already starts to demonstrate very solid ventriloquist skills, which is something that usually takes the average ventriloquist years of practice to attain. Now, when the ‘puppet’, announced that ‘she’ was going to sing, that not only surprised everyone there, including Darci, but also posed a very tough act to pull off, even for a seasoned professional.

Once the music starts, people in the audience are holding their breaths, and everyone’s jaw starts to drop, including the ones of the judges themselves, who are used to seeing very talented people perform on a weekly basis. Darci’s family is also in attendance listening, her mother, along with supermodel/presenter Tyra Banks, and her father in the audience along with Darci’s brother.

It represents the culmination of a dream for all her family, the big stage and everyone in it just listening at her little girl perform. She and her puppet start their act, what follows next is priceless.