He asks his Rottweiler to make a mean face. Wait until you see how good an actor this dog is.

One highly distinctive thing about dogs is that they’re both intelligent and obedient. This has made it possible to do useful things like herd sheep, guard properties, guide the blind, and much more. But it also means that they can learn all sorts of fun and entertaining tricks: shaking hands, playing dead, barking on command, to name just a few. Some individualistic dogs have come up with tricks all their own.

One such individualist is Reese, a big handsome Rottweiler. He’s quite the actor, adept at pulling faces. He’s also able to change his demeanor, turning the charm on and off like a switch was being thrown. One moment, he’s looking like the sweetest dog ever (his true self) and then in an instant he’s suddenly a vicious-looking cur.

If you have a look at the video posted below, you’ll see this adorable Rottie showing off his acting talents. It starts out with Reese out on the deck, lounging happily on a cushion. He looks anything but frightening or intimidating — you’d be hard pressed to imagine he has a mean bone in his body. It’s looking like Reese is going to wreck the Rottweiler’s tough reputation. But then his human dad says, “Show me your mean face!” In an instant, Reese the sweetheart transforms himself in to a savage brute, curling his upper lip back to reveal razor-sharp teeth. He lets loose a low, rumbling growl and doesn’t neglect to throw in some of those licking motions dogs do just before they attack. But then dad tells him, “Good boy!” Reese goes back to being his nice, gentle, self!

An interesting question is whether Reese has what it takes to be an effective guard dog. It’s possible that even though he isn’t mean, he can fake it well enough that no intruder would take a step farther.

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