Daddy asks his baby boy to pray before their meal, but wait till you see what he does instead

Many families have a habit of praying and thanking God for the food they have before mealtime. The clip below features one such family. But their praying time is unlike others, and it’s all thanks to the youngest member in their home. You will find out soon enough what I am talking about when you see this video.

When dad says it’s time to pray, this little baby clasps his hands and tries to pray. But it soon gets out of hand when he spots the food in front of him. It is too tempting and the poor kid cannot resist it at all. He looks around and when he sees everyone else has their eyes closed, he grabs a noodle and stuff it in his mouth. Then he closes his eyes again, clasps his hands, and continuing sucking the noodle up into his mouth. It’s hilarious!

But it gets better. He does it again, but he gets caught by dad, who I’m sure knew what was going on anyway. Otherwise, why would he videotape his son? This was shown on America’s Funniest Home Videos, and I don’t know if it won, but it should have. This little boy is too funny.

His parents must have had a hard time controlling their laughter when they saw his antics! I am sure he had good intentions, but when stomach calls, it’s hard not to respond right? I suspect dad kept that prayer going a little longer than he had to, just to see what his little boy would do.

Watch this hilarious baby in the video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section. NOTE: Please forgive the quality of the video. We didn’t record it. A good soul on YouTube posted it and despite that minor second of shakiness, you are going to love him.