Astonishing transformation of a senior dog: From paralysis to fit

Recently, Jhoy and Ayudando Ando came across a senior dog inside an empty water tank on the ground. Since the dog couldn’t move, Jhoy had to pick him up in his arms. They named the dog Corsario.

The rescuers thought that Corsario was unable to walk. However, when they placed him on the ground, they noticed his legs bending whenever he tried to put weight on them. As a result, the poor dog’s joints were hurting, and he could not walk.

They immediately decided to take him with them. During the entire journey, Corsario was quiet. He looked outside the car showing his gratitude with his eyes. Finally, when they reached their destination, the other dogs welcomed Corsario.

They used hydrotherapy and electrotherapy to help improve the dog’s legs. They aimed to help Corsario stand up and maintain strong and straight legs. When it was not time for the therapies, his caretaker moved his legs for him, trying to motivate the senior dog to get up on his own.

Corsario’s therapies continued for six months. Then, one day, all of a sudden, Corsario began to walk. It was a touching sight, and his improvement motivated the dog to keep going. Soon his therapies stopped, and he was allowed to step out in the open.

Despite being a senior dog, Corsario was full of life. He was loved by all the people at the rescue, and he loved spending time and playing with the other dogs at the animal rescue.

Carsario was a perfect example of hope. With proper help from his human friends and tons of positivity inside him, the poor senior paralyzed dog could stand on his legs.

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Astonishing transformation of a senior dog: From paralysis to fit