Astronomically Improbable Litter Gives Us 5 Miracles. Oddest Part? The Devil’s in The Details.

There are many difficult to understand theories regarding probability and outcomes. Usually, most science can tell us how often or how likely something is said to happen or naturally occur. Then numbers and diagrams illustrating the science work together to form a bridge for the information. Helping us look deeper and hopefully furthering our knowledge in the subject. When it comes to these two male Calico’s, we see something a bit strange. Something that we haven’t seen in previous litters, nor do we see in many to this day.

With rescue animals, we must thank the shelters. Thousands of kittens and other animals are taken in out of the cold, given shelter and rescued every year. The amazing Cat House on the Kings decided that the litter of kittens was just too fascinating not to rescue.
There was quite the fuss raised over this litter of kittens. The five all brothers and sisters to each other have quite the weird anomalies in the bunch. Two male calico cats. In the same litter! Oh, not impressed? The scientific possibility of it will blow your mind.

Per Love Meow, the likely hood that a kitten is born as a male calico is one in 3,000. To have two in one litter is astronomically astounding. The sheer odds against two male calicos being born in the same litter really opens your mind to the possibilities we take for granted. The unlikelihood of something happening, the molecules competing for dominance over each other to win out against amazing odds. The miracle and randomness of life really can leave you in awe.

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