He ate all the food, and the dog got mad. Don’t miss what he does after! He’s adorable!

I think almost everyone would agree dogs are one of the best things ever to exist. They become new members of your family, and they do nothing but loving you and getting excited about anything. You could even grow the habit of speaking to them, because you just become so close over time. If you own pets yourself, you must know what I’m talking about. Even if they’re not able to reply, it’s hard to stop yourself from trying to talk to them and see how they respond. And sometimes, they become so expressive, that you can practically hear them talk!

In the video we put below, a pet owner tries to talk to his dog about eating the food that was in the fridge. Everyone knows that food is one of the things dogs love the most, but this puppy shows that he is on another level. After he responded to his partner, I couldn’t stop laughing out loud! And then there’s the voice over version of the video, where someone recorded himself talking as the dog. It’s hilarious!

Watch this funny video here. Isn’t it amazing? Leave us a comment about your favorite part of the video in the section below.