Audience is confused at first but then cheers young man’s “Wrecking Ball”

The hugely popular reality TV show “Britain’s Got Talent” has uncovered some real gems over the years. The show gives people from all walks of life a chance to display their talent, whether it’s singing, comedy, dancing, magic acts, you name it. It’s a competition with glory and prize money for the winner. They find contestants by holding auditions in various cities in the United Kingdom. Those who make the cut get to appear on TV where they face the live audience, viewers at home, and of course, a panel of celebrity judges.

Craig Ball a 24 year-old from London brought his act to the show in 2016. His particular talent is impressions: imitating other people’s voices. He’s actually pretty funny and even before he launched into his performance of a popular song, the judges were already having trouble suppressing their giggles.

And what was this song? It could not have been less likely: Miley Cyrus’ 2013 hit “Wrecking Ball.” Cyrus first achieved fame as the title character in the Disney Channel’s musical comedy “Hannah Montana.” Her character led a double-life: ordinary schoolgirl by day and a music superstar by night. Cyrus inevitably outgrew the role but as she pursued her own musical career, she may have gone a little bit overboard in how she went about letting the world know she’s an adult now. In any case, for all the ups and downs, Cyrus has been quite a success.

When Craig started singing “Wrecking Ball,” the audience was a bit puzzled. He sounded kind of strange. But when they noticed the photo of Morgan Freeman projected above the stage, everyone started getting the idea. As Craig continued singing, new people (and cartoon characters, and Muppets) appeared and he switched his voice accordingly. He seemed to get around to everyone except, oddly enough, Miley Cyrus herself! Craig received a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience and the judges.

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