Aussie Drummer Shows Remarkable Talent with Drumsticks And Bucket

Australian Drummer showcases his incredible musical talent by using only a bucket and drumsticks. True rhythm lies within, and this musician needs nothing more than the bare essentials to express his jamming tune.

Gordo, from Dubbo, Australia, is a talented musician who grew up playing a variety of musical instruments. However, one unique talent he’s picked up that’d be hard to guess for most is bucket drumming. As a teen, the artist was hooked by a bucket drumming video, and the rest is history.

All this star needs to shine when performing in busy city areas, is his bucket and drumsticks – talk about traveling light. He skyrocketed to internet stardom after a video of him bucket drumming at a busy shopping center went viral. After you see his electrifying show and hear the way that he drops a beat, you’ll be calling for more.