Austin Brown performs stunning version of ‘Stand by Me’

Austin Brown performs sensational cover of ‘Stand by Me’

Austin Brown sang one of the most iconic songs in American music history, sitting down for a stripped-down rendition of the Ben E. King classic, ‘Stand by Me.’ Brown was accompanied by Steven Martinez on acoustic guitar.

The popular singer, best known for his work with the acapella group Home Free, displayed his full vocal range and musical stylings with this version of the song. The accompaniment was perfectly suited to his abilities.

Perhaps most remarkable about Brown’s performance was that he did it entirely sitting down. Most singers need to stand to gain the necessary power to carry a song of that caliber.

Austin Brown performs sensational cover of ‘Stand by Me’

Brown showcased his considerable talents, making the entire song seem easy – he sang it with a smile on his face, comfortable with music that has been sung and celebrated for decades.

Steven Martinez was also exceptional on acoustic guitar, keeping the accompaniment simple while also allowing for moments when he could add a few flourishes to match Brown’s vocals.

In all, it was a wonderful rendition of a historically great song, and fans of Austin Brown will be happy to see him branching out into solo acts after his considerable run with Home Free.

Fans of the original Ben E. King version will also be pleased to see the song living on for new generations of listeners, with Brown presenting a performance that both honors the original and makes a new sound that is all his own.

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