She Is Autistic, And Has Managed To Find Her Voice With Extra Help From These Cute Black Cats

For Jordan, a beautiful and sweet young woman with autism, life has not been easy. She has worked together with her family and teachers to learn basic daily activities by attending Mychal`s Learning Place, and she has been doing for a long period of time, however, after almost 10 years of being in the program, her progress had been very low and she was always the same until something extraordinary happened to her.

Over the past two years, students at Mychal`s Learning Place have been continuously visiting the Animals Adopt & Shop, a place where animals are rescued from different situations and where students at the center volunteer with the animals and help the team to take care of them, feed them and clean the center every day.

When Jordan first arrived at the rescue center, she was a girl who never say a word, but when she gets there she had a close encounter with the black cats, and here was where the magic happened. She began to say her first words.  According to a representative of the school, Jordan has a close connection with these cats, she saw the cats and suddenly they had a huge connection, and every time she sees a black kitten, she falls in love with him immediately. Her eyes light up, his smile explodes, her face shows happiness and suddenly … begins to whisper … come kitty, come kitty!  While she touches, and call the black cats.  She never did this before… this is almost like a miracle!

It’s amazing to see what she has come since you met these black kittens.  It has been a long way, and years of expectations to listen Jordan talk.  She interacts with each of them, she helps to clean the store and socializes more since she found the cats.

Watch this amazing and inspirational video to know more about Jordan and her cats.  She gives them love and they give her even more than that! Don`t forget to drop your comment below and enjoy this amazing story!

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