How To Avoid These 3 Common Thanksgiving DISASTERS! You Know What I’m Talking About!

There can be a lot of stress on Thanksgiving. You want to get every recipe right, and you want to impress everyone at the table. You spend days planning, hours cooking, and minutes pacing around the kitchen, checking on everything, from the oven to the breadbox. But every once in a while, one little mistake can make you sweat like no one’s business!

If you’ve ever experienced lumpy gravy, dry stuffing, or a bird that wasn’t cooked evenly, make sure you check out this informative video. These three common Thanksgiving mistakes can be avoided, so that this year, you get everything perfect, no matter what that picky relative says! There are ways to avoid these disasters, and you can find out what they are by watching this video.

Food Network star Sunny Anderson is going to show us how to avoid these types of disasters on Thanksgiving. First she shows how to truss and tuck a turkey so it cooks evenly. It’s a lot easier than it sounds and anyone can do it in seconds.

Dry stuffing? Sunny shows a super easy fix. For me, gravy is the really tricky part of Thanksgiving, but Sunny has a solution I think even I can follow. These tips are sure to make your Turkey Day stress-free.

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