Award Winning Bonanza Actor David Canary Passes Away At 77 Years Old. Forever In Our Hearts!

David Canary is one of those actors that dabbled a little bit in nearly every genre. He appeared in everything from country western shows all the way to soap operas, and back again.

His career spanned over more that fifty years, and for good reason. He was a consummate professional, who could bring a certain charm to the screen every time he appeared. When he passed away from natural causes last November, the world lost a true artist.

Born in August in Elwood, Indiana, Canary soon moved to Massillon, Ohio, where he grew up. He went to the University of Cincinnati on a football scholarship, but found his true love in the theater.

He graduated with a music degree, and even turned down a chance to play with the Denver Broncos in order to pursue his acting career. We’re sure glad he went that route. Canary’s most notable role is as the star of Bonanza, the classic western series that many of us grew up watching.

Canary won multiple awards for his acting work, and will live on in the hearts of his fans forever.

Watch Canary’s iconic role as Candy Canaday on Bonanza in the video below!

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