Awe-Inspiring Routine From Talented Marine Silent Drill Team

The men and women that serve in the Marine’s are some of the most dedicated and hard-working people you’ll ever meet. They spend countless hours training and learn unique techniques that take a lot of effort to master.

One thing that the Marine’s can do that will leave you in awe is to perform a silent drill routine. The United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Team is one of the best drill teams in the country, and their flawless routine shows just that.

At an event in Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, this team shows off their skills. Every single detail and movement that goes into this perform is meticulously made, and it all looks effortless. It makes you wonder how long they trained for something like this.

The silence of the routine is as important as the movements. Everything is in sync, from the rifles hitting the ground, to their stomps. They show their dignity, willingness to learn, and the ability to perform incredible tricks right before your eyes.