Most Embarrassing Dad EVER or Most AWESOME Dad? You tell us!

To be fair, he has some pretty good dance moves. Could teach me a thing or two! This guys reminds me of my dad, not caring if others think he’s cool. Just having a good time!

This dad took his son out to an electronic music festival that hosted in the city park. It attracted a lot of people who gathered around to listen to the cool music on a lovely summer afternoon.

Dad has the right dance moves and awesome timing. He is just lacking a little in the fashion department, but who cares?! He’s having a good time AND he’s teaching his boy an excellent life lesson: BE YOURSELF.

Children should learn: As you get older you realize how important it is to enjoy life while you can. You shouldn’t get embarrassed by your parents, they are only trying to enjoy life because they have already realized this fact. They are leading by example.

This dad is a super awesome, lovable and 100% genuine guy! What do you think? Share your comments below! We want to hear from you!