Babies and Dogs Were Meant to Be Together! You Can’t Help But To Smile And Laugh With Them!

Everyone loves babies. And everyone loves dogs. So why not have a video of babies and dogs together? That’s what the creators of this video did, and boy were they on to something. In this hilarious video compilation, we see the cutest babies laughing along with the cutest dogs. Just watch and smile for the next three minutes.

This video is proof that babies and dogs make for some great friendships? The dogs loved being around the babies and every time the babies saw the dogs they would start laughing. A simple thing like a dog wagging her tail is enough a baby to laugh!

My favorite clip was of the baby holding the water hose and playing with his dog. The dog absolutely loves their game and loves getting splashed! What’s your favorite clip? Let us know below and be sure to share this video with other fellow baby/dog lovers!

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