“These Adorable Little Babies and Kitties Are The Best of Friends… TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!”

We have all seen dogs being loving and devoted to new born babies in their household. But what about the family cat? Well, if this compilation is any example the felines of the house can also be quite the companions to the babies.

This clip is from the series America’s Funniest Home Videos. Here we see various babies hanging out with the family cat. Some of these are really adorable to watch.

For example the one of the cat hanging on to the child’s backpack. The one with the cat taking a bath with the baby and the one with the cat standing on the edge of the tub as the baby took its bath.

There is the one of the cat pushing the baby in the baby swing. Then there is of course the final one with the cat leaning on the babies shoulder which is completely adorable.

These are just some of the cute scenes that are featured in this video. Its adorable to watch, and after doing so let us know what you thought of this little compilation by leaving your comments below.


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