Babies And Puppies Oh My! When You See This Compilation, It Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

Babies will always have that cuteness about them. It’s hard to get away from the very big idea that they are little versions of us. The miracles of birth and any species passing the baton to the next generation can be heavy. So, when we look down at the babes so innocent and wide-eyed, we know that they are going to do great things. They are going to take the baton when it’s passed and move towards evolving- to reach a higher standard of being and action. A revolution of how we treat other people and how their empathy will guide them towards peace. Hate will always be the enemy of understanding. Yet, when we consider the eyes of the giggling babes, we find the answers to joy that we’ve been looking for.

Oh, and puppies? Puppies are hard not to love, barring an unfortunate incident, accident, or attack. With all their fur and wagging tails excited not only to see us, but to feel how excited they are to be alongside us. Most of the time, we don’t always reciprocate that, we certainly try. I know many who do, and those people are closer to a higher state of mind.

But when you put these two symbols of love, joy, innocence, and appreciation in together? You know you’re making a recipe for success. The two have interacted with each other in many hilarious ways, and usually dogs or cats, are understanding. They understand they are tiny humans and aren’t fully developed like say you or I may be. Yet, this adorable compilation shows us not only the best moments, but also the most beautiful.

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