Baby Antelope Is Too Small For The Zoo Weigh In Scales!! Now Try To Guess How Tall He Is

Baby animals are the cutest. Their innocent and bright eyes peering affectionately  up at you will tug at heart and melt you to pieces. This is Tomas a baby antelope who lost his mom soon after being born. This little guy has proven that he could overcome any obstacle with the help of his human friends at Chester Zoo.

His keepers have tried all they can do and more to keep making sure he is healthy and safe but they were shocked and awed when they tried to weigh him! All baby animals are weighed in at the time of birth for record purposes just like humans, but this little antelope was way too small and his numbers didn’t even tip scales at the zoo!

Standing only 7.5 inches tall  Thamos turned out to be too light for the antelope scale. The staff on hand believes that the little spirited animal will be up and running with his cohorts in no time at all and be big enough to be on display at the zoo.

He may be tiny, but he’s got a spirit that won’t quit more anything we’ve ever seen. See how he looks around for adventures and trouble as he is hand fed and his tiny little legs are working overtime.  I know that this video is going to catch you off guard and you will most likely want to leave a comment and then share it with your friends and family.

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