Baby begins laughing while playing with dad. Parents can’t stop laughing when they hear his laugh!

You could look for something that warms your heart as much as babies do and would spend ages finding it. Babies bring joy where there is none. They lighten our hearts and brighten our days.
They are genial, warm, cordial and friendly. And that’s with everything they do. From their hearty and genuine laughter to their subtle gurgle and a soft coo that reminds you of pigeons and doves. Even so little as a blush brings a smile to the most serious and nonchalant persons. What could a toddler- synonymous to a new blank canvas- possibly do wrong? Your guess is as good as mine. We could do the most ridiculous things and these little ones would still let out their honest and innocent laughs.

In the video below a baby boy, most likely 7 months old, is sat with his dad in the living room. His dad makes some funny movements with his fingers which in turn makes the baby laugh.
However, how his son laughs is quite delightful. I doubt you’ve heard a baby laugh like him before. His giggles slightly resemble that of a bleating sheep which makes everyone in the room ache in laughter. His dad draws close to him and retreats swiftly which send him into yet another episode of a gripping laugh. It’s a weird but enchanting laugh. I have fallen so much in love with him that I have watched this video over and over again. It’s truly hilarious in epic proportions.

His dad then tells him, “You are not a sheep, you’re a boy.” But baby boy isn’t having any of that. He still laughs like he knows how to. His elder sister who’s about only four years old looks like she’s used to this type of thing. She does some awkward act with her fingers on his face and it still ends in what we’ve seen since the beginning.

What comes to mind after watching this video? Is your baby’s laugh unusual? We would love to hear your stories in the comments section below.