Baby Bird Hops On This Man’s Knee, But Watch When He Touches His Foot! Unbelievable!

Babies are full of curiosity, and I mean all babies, not just human ones. They learn by exploring their surroundings and as a result, they are very curious. And as it turns out, this is not only true for human babies, but for babies that are born in the wild as well. Take, for example, the video given below!

Crows are known to be smart birds, if not somewhat annoying with all the loud noise they make when excited. They solve puzzles that are more complex than the ones that primates can solve, and they can be surprisingly social birds, getting very close to humans at times, with no fear.

The video below features a tiny baby crow. This crow is really curious about humans, and as you can see, he has already made friends with one of them. This man was chilling outside when this baby crow started to follow him. At one point, the crow even came really close and climbed up on the man’s knee, clearly able to sense that the man would not harm him.

The man tried to send him back to his parents, but in vain. The crow just seemed to be very curious about this creature that was so unlike himself. Fortunately though, he returned to his flock in his own time. I’m sure the man in the video was happy to see him return to the safety of his family and flock.

Watch the video below! Did this crow’s curiosity make you smile? Share what you think in the comments!

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