Baby Blue Eyes Bloom Into A Sea Of Color Carpeting The Hills

Hitachi Seaside Park plays host to an ocean of color as the flowers bloom each year. Massive flower fields are found across Japan, but the blooming of the ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ garden is a visual spectacle unlike any other.

The “Baby Blue Eyes” fill over 8.6-acres of rolling hills. There are over 4.5-million Nemophila flowers covering every last area of land other than the pathways of this park. Everywhere that the eye can see, blue cascades over the hills.

Those who enjoy gardening will be happy to know that you can grow these hardy flowers with relative ease. Nemophila Menziesii is a low-growing shrub with succulent stems. This means that with a good start, they need very little further attention.

This flourishing flower garden spanning acres and acres is sure to inspire you to grow a garden of your own, if not, then it’ll sure lift your day thanks to the bright, vivid landscape’s ability to instill a profound sense of calm.