A baby born deaf cries after hearing for the first time but stops crying when he hears mom

Times have surely changed. I remember reading about how difficult it was for patients who had been born deaf, to become independent and get a ‘normal’ education. A long time ago, if you had been born with this disability, you would have to rely on your family members to get around places and even earn a living. There weren’t a lot of case studies back then, and there was a lot that wasn’t known about it.

Around the Middle Ages, people who had this disability were believed to be cursed for something that their parents had done. They tried some very peculiar alternative ‘healing’ methods, and if that didn’t work, the ‘doctors’ would say that the person had to be segregated because he had received a punishment from above.

Fortunately, times have changed, and now patients have access to hearing aids that are custom-built to the doctor’s specifications and patient’s needs. It is now relatively easy to get one. All you do is visit your primary doctor where he performs a simple hearing test on you. If you fail the test, he gives you a referral to an audiologist for a more comprehensive test. After which, a hearing aid is prescribed to help the patient hear. Pretty easy, right?
Hearing aids have been getting more accurate and smaller. For people who don’t want it to be that obvious that they are wearing one, they can use those miniaturized aids that are the size of a bean. They have several levels of adjustment and provide several hours of use with a single battery. The batteries are sold at any pharmacy and can be replaced by the patients themselves.

My father lost a good part of his hearing after doing his military service. He told me they had been firing some big rifles and he was not wearing any earplugs. So, as you might have thought, when he fired the rifle, he damaged his eardrums and ended up losing his hearing from one ear. After some time, he got his hearing aids which he wears every day.

Patients that have benefited more from these hearing aids have been children. It is crucial that any hearing disability be detected with time as the first few years are crucial for the child’s speech development, and hearing. A group of doctors diagnosed baby Archer. Today is the day that he gets his hearing aids. The doctor fits the hearing aids in the baby’s ears, but the baby seems to be in a bad mood. Look at what happens when the baby hears his mother’s voice for the first time!