Baby boy meets his new Great Dane, become best friends and cuddle all day

They say that dogs and humans can be the best of friends. But for baby Cade, he wasted no time calling one Great Dane his best buddy.

Scooby is a Great Dane, but he’s a gentle giant. Cade is just a baby who loves to play with his four-legged best friend.

The bond between this little human and a dog cannot be broken. There is no doubt that they will become the best of friends for years to come.

If these two can have the time of their lives, there is no telling how much fun they’ll have as they both get older. There is no denying that a friendship between a dog and a human is strong.

When Cade gets older, he’ll look back on the good times he had with his giant best friend. He’s lucky to have Scooby in his life (and Scooby is happy to have Cade in his).

What kind of adventures will these two go on? Only time will tell.