Baby Brother Cries In Crib With Twin Sister. I Was Amazed How She Calmed Him Down.

It’s something that happens to every parent of newborn children. You’ve got your baby monitor on and you’re sleeping. Then somewhere in your dream, you hear “Waaa? Waaaaa? WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” You bolt out of your sleep and look blearily at the monitor. Yup. Baby’s asleep. You paddle out of bed and get ready to go into the baby’s room to tend to him/her. But sometimes there’s something that can save you trouble. A sibling.

We see a video of two six-week old twins, a boy and a girl. The girl is fast asleep on her side but the boy is unhappy and awake. He starts crying and it sounds like he’s about to wake up the entire house with his voicing his displeasure. Then the most amazing thing happens. The sister wakes up, blinks at him, murmurs “Quiet, bro…” and goes back to sleep. No, maybe she might do that when she’s older but she still does something cool for a six-week old.

The sister is sleeping on her side and she seems to offer her hand near his mouth for him to use as a pacifier of sorts. It takes a few seconds but then the thumb is in his mouth and he stops crying. He sucks for a few, cries again and then starts happily sucking before looking like he’ll drift off to sleep along with his sister. Crisis averted and Mommy didn’t even have to intervene. Now maybe she can grab an hour nap.

There are some that might argue that the sister’s hand just happened to be there for the brother to suck her thumb and it was a happy coincidence. I think that if that happened, she would have removed her hand like “Wait. This thumb should be in MY mouth!” It felt like a twin bond moment to me. Maybe years from now, Mommy can show the twins this video to demonstrate their early bonding experience.

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