Baby brother defends sister during wrestling competition and barges in to face opponent himself

If you have any siblings, your relationship with them has doubtless had its ups and downs. “Sibling rivalry” really is a thing. Beyond competing for parental attention, personalities are inevitably going to clash. Still, there are also lots of good times. So it’s no wonder most siblings are friends-for-life and always look out for each other. On occasion, looking out for each other goes a bit too far. For example, one stock character of family drama is the over-protective older brother who tries to intimidate his sister’s boyfriends. What happened here was an uproarious variation on that theme.

Ruby Lewis, a 4-year-old was taking part in a preschool wrestling match in Columbia City, Indiana. Her opponent was 5-year-old Ryan Prendergast. Of course, kids that young can’t be expected to have a lot of serious wrestling moves. But, hey, you have to start somewhere. As Ruby’s mom Crystal recalled, “Her not knowing much technically, it was already kind of hilarious. They’re just kind of dancing around out there.”

But after some “dancing,” Ruby and Ryan did manage to get some actual grappling going. That was when Ruby’s 2-year-old brother Jash, who was in the audience, suddenly came running over to break it up. He didn’t know the fighting was actually just for sport! This adorable interruption of the match had everyone chuckling and even the wrestling coach didn’t mind: “That is the best thing I’ve ever seen. That was awesome.”

Ryan’s mom took it in stride, quipping on social media, “”My kid is insta-famous for getting beat up by a 2-year-old.” She also added some sound advice: “When the girl you’re wrestling has a tough little brother, don’t mess with his sister.”

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